Residential Real Estate Photography

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Things to Consider Before Booking

We want to make this process as easy as possible.  We encourage you to read the FAQs section about our Residential Services before booking.  Also consider the info to the right.

For bookings outside of Lee County, please call 239-270-8867 first - A travel fee of at least $20 will apply.


Please ensure the home is photo ready.

Same-day cancellations due to inadequately prepared homes will result in a cancellation fee.  The photographer is not responsible for cleaning any part of the home and has the right to cancel an appointment if cleaning is still happening or needs to happen when he/she arrives.  Review our home prep guide if needed.  Also, make sure the home is adequately air conditioned before the photographer arrives.

Turnaround times.

In almost all cases, your images will be delivered on the next business day.  Keep this in mine when booking Friday and Saturday appointments.

Allow travel time for photographer.

We do our best to schedule each appointment so the photographer has enough time to do the work and get to the next appointment but sometimes the unexpected happens and the schedule is affected.  Please allow a 30 minute window for the photographer to arrive to your appointment.

Drone flight restrictions.

Our drone pilots are FAA certified and adhere to all FAA regulations. This means that we will not fly in restricted areas without prior authorization from Air Traffic Control. Some areas can be authorized instantly and others may take several weeks to obtain authorization. Restricted areas include a 5 mile radius around any active airport. Before booking aerial photography, consider if the property falls in this range and contact us at 239-270-8867 to inquire about limitations.

Best time of day to shoot and length of appointments.

East facing properties look best in the morning, West facing properties look best in the afternoon, North and South facing properties can be shot at any time of the day!  Your appointment will take between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours depending on how many add-ons you choose.

Recommended for properties under 1,500 square feet

Photos only|$169

Photos + 360 tour|$219

Photos + Aerials|$219

Photos + Aerials + 360 Tour|$269

Recomended for properties 1,500 – 3,000 square feet

Photos  only|$199

Photos + 360 tour|$274

Photos + Aerials|$274

Photos + Aerials + 360 Tour|$349

Recomended for properties 3,000+ square feet

Photos only|$229

Photos + 360 tour|$329

Photos + Aerials|$329

Photos + Aerials + 360 tour|$429

Stand alone residential services

360 tour only|$150

5-10 Aerials only|$150

5 – 10 Aerials and 360 tour |$250

Need a last-minute appointment, or do you need coverage on day that is marked as unavailable on our calendar? Call us! We may be able to squeeze you in.